Our Products


Spades in ANSI, DIN and JIS. Steel and stainless steel

Spectacle Blinds

Spectacle blinds in DIN, ANSI and JIS


Blinflanges in DIN, ANSI and JIS

Flange Rental Services

If you need an blindflange or test flange just for a short moment of testing (f.e.) you could also Rent a blindflange of testflange.


Flange Protection

We deliver plywood flange protection. Cheap and easy protection of the flange facings during transport or maintenance.

Flange labels

We deliver falngelabels for brown and greenfield projects.

Make sure every phase of the flange connection is monitored.

Safe Flange

Looking for a suffient Lock Out / Tag Out for flanges? We deliver the Safe Flange. Due to the fantastic design there are multiple padlock's to be placed. 


No scratches in flanges facings. No leaning flanges.


Use our special designed testgasket for temporary use. The new insert gasket is provided with a handle and is made out of a fibre gasket. It comes in the striking colour red.


Protect your personell! use the sprayguard


We deliver our spade storage pallets (TA pallet), TA Rack and boxes for storage of the spades during a turnaround.

Flange Management

No more lost spades, we will take care of them! 

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