Wooden flange protector (square) Dn 50 Pn16 Closed.


Wooden flange protector (square) Dn 50 Pn16 Closed.

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Wooden flangeprotection (square closed version)Dn 50 Pn16. This is a square flangeprotector made out of water resistent plywood with a thikness of 10mm. Excelent for the protection of flangefacing during transport of pipe, nozzles and valves


Prevent the flange facing of your equipment or pipespools is damaged during transit or overhaul work. Our Flange Protection of wood or plastic will protect the facing easaly.
We supply round, square with and without opening.
You easily attached Flange Protection and when the device is in place and is allowed to be connected simple remove the wooden flange protection.

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